Should I Take My Kids to a Developing Country?

By Adria Carey Perez Planning a summer vacation and asking, “Should I take my kids to a developing country?” The short answer is: yes, but… Last summer, we decided to go to Colombia. Not to a resort or with a tour group, but on a two-week, meandering road trip covering cities, beaches, and jungles. With our three kids, ages 4, 6, 9. Was it difficult? Yes. There were times during the trip when my husband and I looked at each ...

Three Items You Need on a Boat with Kids

By Adria Carey Perez Windblown hair, sun-kissed cheeks, open ocean swimming, and fresh fish for dinner are the dreamy side of the boating coin; the other side is full of, “get away from that edge!” and sun poisoning and the joy of being confined in a small space with your family for a whole day with no escape, unless you have the swimming prowess of Diana Nyad. With the hope of a day out on the boat with kids landing ...