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Living Local: On Home Swaps and Friendships

By Stephanie Schroeder   I arranged my first home exchange in 2006. The deal was that my partner at the time and I would give up our Jersey City, NJ, apartment for a couple who had a house in Alkmaar, North Holland in The Netherlands. It was all very new to me, this home exchange adventure, but it was the only way I could afford to travel. I had only five days vacation from my job at a corporate PR firm, plus two bookended weekends. The dates on the ad that read “Historical Dutch Town for NYC” perfectly matched the dates ...

The Saving Grace of Books (Paris)

By Sammantha Bennett Paris was chaos. Ten days after suicide bombers and gunmen attacked a concert hall, a stadium, restaurants, and bars, I stepped off a train from Munich into a swarm of armed military and local law enforcement at Gare de l’Est. I had 40 liters on my back and a bit of panic in my mind. Munich had been so perfectly Bavarian: neat, clean, peaceful, expected. Everyone had been polite and no one crossed the street unless the crosswalk sign permitted it. Paris was the opposite: loud, busy, dirty, confusing. I had left the picturesque Bavaria behind, lightly ...

A Good Book Is Hard to Find…Until It’s Given (Savannah, ...

By Kelly Murray The only way to read Flannery O’Connor is while taking a hot bath in a clawfoot tub in an old Victorian home on a warm night in Savannah, Georgia. That’s exactly where I was when I read her for the first time. I was staying at an Airbnb in Savannah’s Eastside district; a gorgeous renovated Victorian home with four bedrooms, a grand staircase, wraparound porch, a sunny shared kitchen, and, yes, a clawfoot tub. Three of them, I’d come to find. All the stuff of classic Southern charm. I had met two of the house guests, an ...

SPORT: Editor’s Note Issue 5

Sports are one of the drivers of travel. We go to far-flung places for sporting events, from the Thai kickboxing club to the Rugby World Cup to your daughter’s travel soccer team’s Saturday tournament. These slices of experiences are a filter for interacting with another culture, an excuse to get out of our own bubbles, and, sometimes, a complete surprise (Gaelic football, anyone?). They are also a way to find common ground with people who may come from different backgrounds and experiences. Play on.  

WOMEN: Editor’s Note Issue 4

Growing up, I wasn’t allowed outside after dark alone, so the idea of traveling somewhere outside of my comfort zone by myself did not occur to me until after college. I didn’t take my first big trip alone until I had to do so for work, to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Friends and family delivered dire warnings of what could happen to me if I went (a young woman! alone! in Asia!), but go I did, and never looked back. This issue, WOMEN, opens a window on some experiences women have when they go it alone. For so long, the travelers’ ...
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