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Adria, Editor-in-Chief

I was born with wanderlust in my soul, fostered by a nomadic childhood. I decided to move my own family to the UK in 2013, and my husband, three children, and I spent three years exploring as many corners of its four nations as possible, as well as crisscrossing Europe by boat, plane, train, and automobile. Now back on home soil, I travel, and write about travel, as much as possible to recapture the spirit of adventure I experienced as an expat.

As a traveler, I especially love to visit anywhere coastal–put me in sight of the sea and I’m content. I enjoy a five-star hotel experience as much as the next girl, and I have wallowed in the warm cocoon of an all-inclusive beach holiday, but my best traveling memories involve a tent on a riverbank in a 105 degree Dordogne afternoon, a rose festival in a speck of a village in Western Ireland, and a bamboo house during a raging storm in the jungly mountains of Colombia.

I have spent my professional years as an academic, working as a lecturer in writing (and, I always like to mention its corollary, thinking), an editor and writer, and a travel advisor. You can see some of my work at The Huffington Post and Ciao Bambino!, a Lowell Thomas Award-winning family travel writing website. This aspect of my life gives me a unique perspective on the places I travel, making me a better reader of the places I go.

You can email me at adria@odyssamagazine.com or learn more about me at adriacareyperez.com.


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