Short Fiction: Unexpected Delays

By Taylor Hawkins Sarte Moore and his wife, Claudia, were closing in on their destination, a particular spot near a village on the Faroe Islands, a series of sea islands in the remote northwestern region of Denmark’s property. It was closer to Scotland than Denmark, but the landscape was unmistakably Nordic. The high-peaking cliffs, dusted with snow, covered the land mass in both the distance and their immediate surrounding area, creating an otherworldly contrast with vast ocean surrounding the islands. ...

Short Fiction: Pamplona

Editor’s note: We continue our series of short fiction this month with a contribution about a desire to run with the bulls. The path is a bit beaten, but I’d class this as “adventure.” Pamplona By Kyle Owens Phillip poured himself a cup of coffee and went over to the other side of the room, sitting down on the window sill. He felt a light breeze flow through the opened casement windows as he sipped his coffee before he sat the ...

Short Fiction: Denim Seashells

Editor’s note: Each month, we will publish a short work of fiction that resonates with the issue’s theme. Denim Seashells By Matt Charnock On the first Friday of every month, Isabella found herself in a state of suspended anticipation; it was, after all, the sole day of the month she had the means to travel beyond her urban sprawl. The sixteen-year-old children of Mendocino could only travel so far on foot in the mid-80s. Public transit had not yet made ...