A Classic Fish and Chips Recipe

Where the Fish (and Chips) Are Plentiful Living in the UK for a few years, I ate my more than my fair share of fish and chips. That crispy, golden goodness sustained my family and I through countless day trips, pub afternoons, and Now that I am home in the US, it’s a meal I only eat when I make it at home (that old Mickey D’s Filet-O-Fish just doesn’t cut it). It brings me immediately back to my time as ...

Read: The Third Plate by Dan Barber

This book review of The Third Plate is the first in a series of travel-related book reviews in Odyssa Magazine. The Third Plate: Field Notes on the Future of Food Dan Barber is in Season One of Chef’s Table, a series on Netflix to which I am addicted. I am blown away every episode by the passion and certainty of the featured chefs. So, Dan Barber is no schlub when it comes to cooking and ingredients. With his experimental farm in New ...

Three Items You Need on a Boat with Kids

By Adria Carey Perez Windblown hair, sun-kissed cheeks, open ocean swimming, and fresh fish for dinner are the dreamy side of the boating coin; the other side is full of, “get away from that edge!” and sun poisoning and the joy of being confined in a small space with your family for a whole day with no escape, unless you have the swimming prowess of Diana Nyad. With the hope of a day out on the boat with kids landing ...