WELL: Editor’s Note Issue 3

Our summer issue, WELL, is predicated on the idea that the summer is a time to recharge. We take vacations, we spend time outdoors and with our families. We focus on “happy.”

When I think of well being, I tend to think of it as a holistic system: personal health is inextricably intertwined with mental health, community health, and the health of the planet. I love to read stories, articles, blogs, and books that plumb the depths of these connections.

What does that mean for travel? There are two things that expand our minds and world views more than anything else: books and travel. Gathering insight from these new perspectives helps us understand ourselves and the world in a different way, allowing us the distance to assess if what we are doing is healthy. When we travel we are deliberate about the choices we make–how do we want to fill our time, our brains, and our bellies? We are often totally present. These deliberate choices are the foundation of how to think about health and well-being.

This issue celebrates these choices, from sharing an option for a resort that focuses on well-being to rethinking unexpected delays in our wanderings.

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“The part can never be well unless the whole is well.”