Go: Editor’s Note Issue 2

By Adria Carey Perez

Are there any paths not beaten? I tend to think of these paths as experiences that are unique–that you didn’t read about in the guidebook, and that usually involve a chance encounter with a person or a wrong turn on the way to the restaurant. You are more likely to have them in less “touristy” places; however, I have mistakenly discovered lesser known gems in Paris by wandering around looking for a metro stop. Tommy Alexander’s story based in Nayarit, Mexico, evokes one of these experiences.
Adventure travel can also push us right off that path. What is adventure travel, you ask? Heading to exotic or remote locations to try some outdoor activities. Kyle Owens’s short fiction character tries out a classic in “Pamplona,” featured this month. And the origin of this phenomenon is explored in “Before Indiana Jones.”
Taking your kids on these adventures is a topic that I have been mulling over with friends and colleagues for years. I vote yes, and I explain in my piece this month, “Should you take your kids to a developing country?” I will say, as a preview, that it’s not an experience for everyone.
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I’ll leave you to consider one of my favorite quotes: “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.” –Helen Keller